Soda Pop Pulled Pork

This recipe is perfect for camping.  Once it starts cooking the only thing to do is watch the fire and drink your beer.  Trust the process and this recipe will reward you.  If you combine all the ingredients except for the pork ahead of time, you can easily just dump it in when you are ready.


5 lb. Picnic shoulder (pork roast can also be used)
1 can of soda of your choice (we use Dr. Pepper)
12 oz dry white wine
1 tbsp salt
1 tbsp ground pepper
1 tbsp garlic powder
1 tbsp ancho chili powder

Many picnic shoulders and pork roasts are trussed (the net that holds it together).  For this recipe just snip of the netting.  It may fall apart a little but that is fine for this.

You will need 15 briquettes for the lid and 10 for the bottom.  Once your coals are ready, pull aside 10 for the bottom and heat the dutch oven.  Once it gets hot, place the pork fat side down and brown it for about 2 minutes.  Then flip the shoulder to brown the other side.  This will leave the fat side up for cooking.

Pour the rest of the ingredients into the pot.  If you didn’t combine them ahead of time, put them in a bowl and give them a quick stir.

Place the remaining 15 briquettes on the lid and do not open it for 2 hours.  Trust me.  The more you open the lid the longer it will take.

After 2 hours, pull the dutch oven off the coals, carefully lift the lid with your lid lifter and poke the pork with a fork or a pair of tongs.  It should basically fall apart at this time.  If not, put the lid back on, add 5 new briquettes and let cook for another 30 minutes or until it falls apart with a fork.