Mexican Street Corn

Recipe Mexican Street Corn

The first time I ever saw corn prepared and served this way was late at night on the streets of Puerto Vallarta. Street vendors were selling them as fast as they could make them. At first it seemed odd to be putting mayonnaise on an ear of corn but hey, surely I a have tried worse things. Time passes and you tend to forget things after a trip to Mexico. Maybe it was the tequila….Fast forward several years to Grapevine, Texas. I stopped by a local burger joint (Peace Burger if you must know) and they had this “street corn” on the menu. Well, I had to try it. From that point on I was hooked. I recently made this corn for a tailgating party last year and I was very unsure about it. It’s a strange mix of flavors and some people can be very particular. Well, it was a hit. Everyone loved it so I may be making this one for every outdoor event for the foreseeable future. And that’s quite ok with me.

I like this recipe because it’s just a few ingredients. You can prepare it in the husk or you can shuck the corn and let it go naked. I’ve done both and it’s great either way. Both methods are explained. You can do this step a day or two ahead of time. Just wrap up the corn and keep in the fridge after you cook it.

In The Husk

Pull back the husks but don’t separate from the cob. Remove all the silks, rinse the kernels with cold water, fold the husks back to how they were originally so that they protect the corn while it cooks. Wrap in foil and cook over a fire or place al the ears on sheet pan and roast at 350 for about 20 minutes or until the corn is getting soft to the touch. Depending on your oven you may need a few more minutes. let cool completely.

Out Of The Husk

Shuck the corn (thats a fancy country term for removing the husks). Remove the silks and rinse the cobs. From here you can either wrap in foil and cook over a fire or roast in the oven at 350 for 20 minutes or you can boil them in salted water for 5 minutes. Let cool completely.


8-10 Ears of corn. Fresh is best but frozen works well too.
1/2 cup Mayonaise
1/2 Cup Mexican Crema (sour cream)
8 oz Cotija cheese
1 tbsp garlic powder
1 tsp kosher salt
1 tsp black pepper
1/4 cup Tajin or other chile-lime seasoning. ( I just buy a container with a shaker lid and use what I need.)
1-2 limes, cut into wedges
8-10 Short, thick wooden skewers (unless serving in the husks)

Recipe Mexican Street Corn


Light your grill or fire or get your broiler going.

To make the concoction that holds all the cheese on the cob, mix together mayonnaise, Mexican Crema, garlic powder, salt and pepper in a bowl until smooth. Set aside. I prefer to do this ahead so the flavors have time to mix well.

If your corn has the husks still attached then fold them back and twist into a handle. Pull off one long piece of husk and use it as a tieback. Wrap It around the “handle” and tie to secure them.

Grill the corn and get some char all over it. This will add great flavor. If you can’t grill it then use the broiler but keep a close watch on it so that you don’t burn it.

Working with one cob at a time, insert a skewer into one end. Grab hold of the skewer and using a silicon brush, pastry brush, spatula or even a butter knife and spread the mayo/crema mixture on the cob. Then, over a plate or cutting board, (it makes a mess) sprinkle on the Cotija cheese until it completely covered the cob. Sprinkle on the chile-lime seasoning and if you prefer you can squeeze a little lime on there too. Set aside and repeat for each cob.

Pretty simple stuff. It’s really easy if you prep the corn and mayo mixture the day before.

Serves 8-10 people

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