Camping Trip – Chickasaw National Recreation Area

What do three Occupational Therapists, a police officer and two Guys That Cook have in common? A camping trip to the little town of Sulphur Oklahoma. We met the weekend before to lay out the menu and then fantasized about the meals for a whole week.

Our meal plan consisted of:

Friday night

Saturday morning

  • Breakfast tacos
  • Homemade salsas

Saturday lunch

  • Pulled pork sliders
  • Coleslaw

Saturday dinner

Sunday – leftovers, of course.

  • Breakfast burritos – eggs, pulled pork, potatoes, whatever we could find.

We packed up the campers with all the food and beverages and headed out for a weekend of roughing it. The campsites were great, we didn’t reserve in time to get a site by the water. It was spring break after all but that was fine. We had 3 sites so we set up the middle one as home base and kitchen. Two of the groups were breaking in new campers so we didn’t quite have our acts together. We left a lot of things at home (like my camera) but overall there weren’t too many things that threw us off. Trey brought his guitar so Friday night we had a fun campfire singalong. We did get rain on Saturday night but it was late enough that it didn’t cause any problems. We just sat in the camper and played cards for a couple of hours while it blew over.

Trey brought his smoker and one of our guests acquired a phenomenal brisket from Fresh From OK in Norman Oklahoma. I think we all thought he was a little ambitious thinking he was going to smoke a brisket at a campsite but we had all tasted his briskets before so no one said anything. When all was said and done it was one of the best briskets any of us ever tasted. It helps starting with good beef but Trey is a master of smoke.

We highly recommend Fresh From OK. If you want to get in touch with them for great beef, send us an e-mail. We also loved the campground. Very clean and well-maintained. We would definitely stay there again.

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